ACLU Fundraiser

Presented on Zoom

June 12, 2020

All proceeds will go to the ACLU in support of Black Lives Matter.  There is a suggested donation of $5 for tonight's show, but we understand if you can't afford to donate during these unprecedented times. If you'd like to make a donation there are two ways:  


  1. For larger, tax deductible donations to GPC please visit Fractured Atlas

  2. For smaller donations/tips use Venmo - @guiltypleasures-cabaret 


Thank you!!!

Fractured Atlas


Cast & Crew


Bridget Bose & Andrea Palesh 


Virtual Director

Eddie Jones

Music Director

Vinnie Ester



Allyson Horn

Amber Nicole

Andrea Palesh

Annie Ester

Brian Fender

Briawna Jackson

Bridget Bose

Gregory Levine

Jeffory Elliott

Jordon Waters

Julia Goretsky

Katarina Lott

Kayla Radomski

Marissa Staniec

Mark Clearview

Melissa Cammarata

Meredith Swanson

Moira Saxena

Shannon Rafferty

Vinnie Ester

Xavier Townsend

Ximena Salgado


'80s Ladies

Arrangement and Mix: Vinnie Ester

Featuring: Allyson, Annie, Briawna, Meredith, and Shannon


Turn Off the Gaslight

Choreography by Andrea Palesh & Joshua Duarte

Featuring: Andrea & Josh


Jump Jive

Choreography by Andrea Palesh & GPC Company Members

Featuring: Moira


Funny Girl 

Written by Briawna Jackson

Featuring: Briawna


Cake by the Ocean

Choreography by Andrea Palesh & Melissa Buriak

Featuring: Andrea, Bridget, Marissa, and Meredith


Featuring: Gregory

Family Jules

Produced by They Got Time 

Featuring: Jordon

with Guest Appearances by Amber Nicole & Xaviar Townsend 


Let Me Entertain You

Choreography by Katarina Lott

Featuring: Kat


Allowed to Breathe 

Written by Jeffory Elliott

Featuring: Jeffory



Starring: Melissa 

Featuring: Andrea and Bridget 

Music Produced by Jam : Ali

Vocals and Arrangement: Annie and Vinnie Ester

Video: Jeremy Davidson 

Trip Scene: Excerpt from "Rebirth of Rabbit's Foot"

Choreography by Jordon Waters
Featuring: Jordon

Lights by Amber Nicole


Featuring: Mark

Volver A Comenzar

Choreography by Ximena Salgado

Featuring: Ximena

Can't Be Life

Written by Brian Fender

Featuring: Brian


Choreography by Kayla Radomski

Featuring: Queen Irene

Times They Are A-Changin'

Featuring: Julia

Firework Lights

Featuring: Andrea

Special Thanks

Barre 4 Everybody.png

Corporate Sponsor: 

The Black Artists who contributed to the music and dance styles of jazz, tap, hip-hop, swing, R&B, disco, rock-n-roll, and pop (to name a few) that we have the privilege to enjoy and perform. 

Without the contributions of Black Artists we wouldn't be able to make a living as performance artists.   For this, we thank the Black community.    


Amber Nicole

Andrew Stadnyk

Dave Franswa

Diane Machin

Eddie Jones

Fractured Atlas

Haley Radomski

Jeremy Davidson

Jennifer Haley

Jodi Kaplan & Associates

Karen Saxena

Ryan Rose

Tina Lund