Hair flips and high kicks, lipstick and lace -- NYC's sexiest Dance Variety Show promises to entertain! Guilty Pleasures Cabaret's sultry charm and feminine energy brings refreshing talent and artistry to the cabaret theater experience. They were founded in 2014 by six friends in New York City who wanted to produce a show that highlighted both their performing and creative talents. Inspired by music, dance, and costumes that fulfilled their guilty performing pleasures, the show was born - thus earning their namesake “Guilty Pleasures Cabaret”.


The ladies debuted their show in Manhattan on the Upper West Side at a neighborhood bar, and after nine months they moved downtown where they were selling out monthly shows at the renowned Duplex Cabaret Theater. The ladies have since made the Duplex their performing home. With a speak-easy feel, a hint of the roaring twenties, and a sprinkle of the swinging sixties - the show remains modern and sexy. The ladies, clad in fishnets, tap dance, contort, sing, and pirouette to the sounds of 'Chicago', 'Great Gatsby', 'Cabaret', Beyonce, and Nancy Sinatra, to name a few, playfully mixing the old with the new. The girls of the Guilty Pleasures Cabaret give their audience members sex appeal, spectacle, and variety - truly living up to the expectation of what a cabaret should entail. Seal your evening with a rouge stained kiss.